Since I haven’t felt well of late, I’ve wondered how illness is portrayed in stories. Sometimes it feels like illness is hardly ever mentioned – like the science fiction story I’ve finished reading lately, where it progresses forward in a very play by play manner, and everyone is always perfectly healthy. No one ever suffered… Continue reading Illness


I have this tendency to outline after I write the story. I go through and catalog all the scenes – the characters in it, the time and location, and the main point of the scene.  I use this to check for consistency errors.  It works fairly well, but if I try to do this before… Continue reading Update

Tropes Vs. Women and Diversity in Literature

My world-building series takes time to craft, since I often sift through my old notes and textbooks to make sure all the information presented here is accurate.  For all my readers wondering, this is why the next installment on Atmospheres and the various cycles on planets is not yet ready. In the meantime, I can… Continue reading Tropes Vs. Women and Diversity in Literature

Finding One’s Voice Again

Due to everything that has happened, finding my voice again for this blog has been a struggle – mostly due to the lack of Internet access I’ve had for awhile. To tie into that idea, I’ll talk a bit about how I spent several months unable to write much of anything.  A writing block of… Continue reading Finding One’s Voice Again

College Graduate

As of Saturday, I sat through the official ceremony proclaiming my graduation.  The only significant moment was when I tripped down the center stairs, after shaking the university president’s hand, and tumbled into the department head of my major.  Thankfully, people in the audience assumed we were hugging, but the physics department head and I… Continue reading College Graduate

University Student

I graduate May 5th from my University. The month of April has consumed my life with projects, musical compositions, tests, and making sure the final details of my degree is in perfect order for graduation. So this blog is on a temporary hiatus until May. The world-building entries were simply taking me too long, but… Continue reading University Student

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Real Life Update

I have not been able to post due to time constraints lately.  I have been fighting to save my university from budget cuts. Please visit the following sites to read some information pertaining to this: sit-in protest of cuts. There are even more programs threatening to be cut: Des Moines Register exclusive: Eighty-plus programs… Continue reading Real Life Update

Life Update

Due to recovery from illness – despite that lovely trip to the ocean! – I am still planning the next set of blog entries. I try to do a bit of research for each, especially if they are focused on world-building, since providing evidence and/or resources is always helpful for a writer. My recovery however… Continue reading Life Update