Who am I?

Aidan Zingler is an American writer of science fiction, who has a Bachelor’s in physics with a minor in music composition. Aidan helps moderate the online writing community, Legendfire, and has a very fluffy cat named Sergeant Quark. Seeking truth and living a life of Love, where love does no harm, is the core of Aidan’s values.

This blog is to explore writing, science, and any other topics uncovered through the exploration of reality.  The hope is to keep this blog updated on a weekly basis. 


My nicknames are Aidan or Bird or both; however Aidan Zingler is what will be on all of my works. All of my blog is my creative thoughts on writing and world-building, and I ask that all my readers respect my works. Sometimes I will have images from outside sources to help explain points, and I’ll be sure to reference them within the image tags themselves or directly under the image, so click on the image properties to view their sources. Thank you and enjoy!

Comments Policy:

All comments are moderated by me. As long as you are nice and treat others with respect, then we’ll be happy.

2 comments on “Who am I?

    • Oh wow, Thank you, Ben! That is awesome!

      P.S. I’ll have a blog post up about this soon. I just am trying to decide on who to nominate.



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