That About Me Page

Who Am I?

Nickname Bird, name is Aidan. Pronouns they/them/theirs or ze/zem/zirs. My animal companion is an incredibly fluffy cat named Sgt. Quark Amaya McFluffers.

Tell me a story. I want to listen.

I want to live a life of love, but I’m going to mess up a lot. Can we hold each other accountable as we journey through life?

I write science fiction, poetry, and random essays. I blend into walls and perch on things like a bird.

I walk the cracks balanced precariously between the days of yesterday and the tremors of the present.

I hide under blankets; I sing with the wind; I will always ask how you are and wish for a story of your day told in whatever lyrical language is truest to your soul.

I’m a hopeless romantic idealist, a demisexual skittish of people, and a trans person who is no mere ma’am or sir. A void of genderlessness that I ascribe to the stars, my body comprised of star-guts.

What is this Place?

This blog was created to explore writing, science, social justice, and any other topics uncovered through the exploration of reality.  The hope is to keep this blog updated on a bi-monthly basis.

I have also opened up the site for art commissions.

I am also available as a sensitivity reader for the following topics and communities:

  • LGBTQIA (specifically trans, nonbinary, asexual, demisexual)
  • PSTD
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Healing from Trauma related to sexual and/or psychological abuse, rape/sexual assault (my biggest tip: don’t show the trauma in detail, otherwise, I’m gonna just give your story back. Show the journey toward healing in detail.)
  • Religion: Catholicism (formerly) or Unitarian Universalist
  • Physics, specifically acoustics, astronomy (have a Bachelor’s in Physics and a minor in music composition)

Aidan and chin

Just A Reminder

This website and blog are my creative thoughts on writing and world-building, and I ask that all my readers respect my works. Sometimes I will have images from outside sources to help explain points, and I’ll be sure to reference them within the image tags themselves or directly under the image, so click on the image properties to view their sources. Thank you and enjoy!

Support Me If Able!

Want to help support me! Check out my patreon: (Currently sitting unused)


    1. Oh wow, Thank you, Ben! That is awesome!

      P.S. I’ll have a blog post up about this soon. I just am trying to decide on who to nominate.


  1. Hello. I saw an article on SF Gate that mentioned you. Wanted to make sure you knew about ICON 44: Unpacking Non-binary Reality that will be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, November 1-3, 2019. Check the registration page FAQ about how to request a writer comp badge. Contact me via email is you have questions. Take care. Web site is:


    1. Thank you! I actually registered to go, but I also signed up to be part of panels in case they need a nonbinary writer/artist.


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