Writing Projects

Sensitivity Reading

NOTE: I can be hired as a sensitivity reader. My prices range on the word count of the project and can be negotiated. See my Commissions page for my email contact form, or send me a direct message on Twitter. State you are looking for a sensitivity reader, share your word count, story genre, and a two sentence summary of your work.

These are the topics I am a sensitivity reader for:

  • LGBTQIA (specifically trans, nonbinary, asexual, demisexual)
  • PSTD
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Healing from Trauma related to sexual and/or psychological abuse, rape/sexual assault (my biggest tip: don’t show the trauma in detail, otherwise, I’m gonna just give your story back. Show the journey toward healing in detail.)
  • Religion: Catholicism (formerly) or Unitarian Universalist

My Active Projects

These are writing projects I’m either currently working on, have worked on and finished, or have set aside to finish at a later date. I am currently seeking to publish some of the short stories listed here. When one is published, I’ll mark it with a double asterisk (and provide a link to where you can purchase said story).

Elivera Universe:

Dragios Twins Trilogy (novels) : Origin Tale of Humanity on Elivera

  • Book 1: The Lost Ones : Status : Completed/Editing – 110,010 words
    • A teenager loses her best friend, only to discover she’s telepathically linked and what she sees through her friend’s eyes uncovers a terrifying conspiracy.
  • Book 2: The Experiments/Liberation: Status : Started –83,564 words
    • Kate and her cousin travel to an alien planet in a desperate attempt to save Kia from captivity, where they must outwit aliens they barely understand.
    • The three teenagers must find a way to negotiate peace between the aliens and Earth, or else an multi-system war could destroy everyone they hold dear.

Netori Chronicles (novels)

  • Book 1: Sacred Mind : Status : In Hiatus – 46,285 words
    • A college student and their friends discover they are part of an experiment that puts the entire city and possibly the world in danger if it’s not stopped.
  • Book 2: Lost Cult : Status : Outline
    • The trio uncover the elements of a cult bent on eradicating all nanotechnology, no matter the cost.
  • 922 years after the origin of humanity on Elivera

In part (Novella) : Status : Completed – 28,000 words

  • The daughter of the Tomrak Chief accompanies her people on a peace mission, and ends up falling for the leader of the other clan, but things aren’t what they seem.
  • Takes places ~543 years after the origin of humanity on Elivera.

Egoni Tale (Working Title) : Status : Writing – XXX words

  • The local tribe attempts to lead astray the outsider expedition, in a desperate attempt to stop their quest for dangerous alien tech.
  • Takes place ~ 310 years after the origin of humanity on Elivera

Short Stories within Elivera Universe

  • “Earning Her Name” (short story) : Status:  Published**
    • A young woman must complete a dangerous mission in order to earn the right to a name in her society.
  • Toxicity: Status : Editing – 3,494 words
    • A squad of astronauts search a toxic, barren planet for life, and they discover something far more terrifying than they could ever imagine.
  • Revita: Status: Writing
    • A probe discover an ancient alien artifact at the edges of the solar system.
  • Time to Jet : Status : Published** coming out in 2022 in the Bikes in Space Anthology by Microcosm publishing
    • A book courier tests out a jetpack in an effort to beat the delivery record.
  • Speak the Word into Being : Status : Published: ~ 1800 words
    • A wandering storyteller visits a grieving family and attempts to weave a child back to life through song.

Earth or Alternate Earth

Short Stories

  • Sound of Humanity : Status : Editing – 3,888 words
    • An astronaut is trapped on the space station, watching humanity go silent.
  • The Creature : Status : Editing – 3,083 words
    • A kid is attacked in his barn, only to discover the creature has no intention of killing him.
  • Hormones : Status : Editing – 5,163 words
    • A teenager scrounges for testosterone among the ruins of a hospital, where he discovers the cause of the apocalypse.
  • Shadows : Status : Complete – 3,442 words
    • A teenager goes to her grandfather’s house, only to encounter ghosts intent on using her for their own liberation.
  • The Silent Trains : Status: Complete – 7,250 words
    • Trains from the north disrupt a small agricultural community with dark omens.
  • The Misadventures of Gold Five : Status : Published
    • True story from Aidan’s adventures in Americorps NCCC.

Musical Compositions in the Works:

  • Radiation Series (varied instruments, singers)
    • Status: 1/3 finished with the musical score
  • Music of Elivera Series (varied instruments, singers)
    • Music from Dragios Twins: The Lost Ones
      • Status: Lyrics complete,
      • Music score is lost! Having to start from scratch. 😦
    • Music from Netori Chronicles
      • Status: finished with musical score

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