This page is a list of various resources intended to help an individual to either learn more about oneself and the world, or to seek help for various situations or problems. It is organized by categories. This list will be updated as I find more useful links and information. Also, for more sites, see my blogroll, where I list the blogs that I read regularly.

The second resources page is all thanks to LegendFire.  The majority — if not all of the links — come from their members, and I’m hosting a copy here on my site.  You can also go directly to the Table of Contents Thread I am maintaining at Legendfire by clicking here:  Writing Resources: Table of Contents


LegendFire: A Writing Community
A friendly and very helpful writing community. Their writing challenges are especially good.

Writer beware
Excellent resource for writers, so they can avoid scams.

Writing Excuses (a podcast)
The best podcast out there for writers.

Soul Food Cafe
Great for daily writing practices and spicing up one’s imagination.

Fiction Factor: Writing Novels
A list of articles concerning all the aspects of writing fiction. Very useful resource.

Daily Writing Tips
A useful site full of great tips and wonderful writing prompts.

Super Hero Nation
This has some of the best writing articles I’ve ever seen. Definitely a must need for writers.

World Dream Bank
Excellent resource for world-building, as in crafting actual planets and solar systems in detail.

Fantasy World-building questions
A wonderfully comprehensive list for world-building.

Resources for writing space based hard science fiction
A very comprehensive list of resources for science fiction writers.

FARP: Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds
Another great guide to world building.

Magical World Builder
This one focused on fantasy, but some of its questions can be applied to other genres as well. It’s a world-building resource.

Language Construction Kit
How to build your own language, simple as that.

Creating a fantasy World
A good resource for creating Fantasy worlds.

World Builder Projects
A comprehensive list of nearly everything concerning World-building.

Writer’s Digest
Excellent resource and magazine for writers.

Library Thing
A good website for cataloging the books on your shelves.

A very good program to help one organize and write a novel. Tested it thoroughly and liked its design and ease of use. It’s available on Windows and Linux platforms.

This is the writing software I use.

Mythology and Languages

God Checker
A fun website that has information on all sorts of mythology, especially the myths that pertain to various gods and god like entities.

Encyclopedia Mythica
This website is filled with all sorts of wonderful tidbits concerning mythology from all over the world.

A guide to Languages of the world
This is an explanatory website of thousands of languages. It describes the written scripts as well as the language itself. Very useful resource.

Science and Education

You can sign up and take any of the online courses, many offered through prestigious institutions. And it’s all free.

Astronomy Cast (a podcast)
A wonderful podcast by an astronomer and the editor of Universe Today. They do an excellent job of tackling all sorts of physics, astronomy, and space topics and examining the science of it all.

Space Weather Radio
Listen to the sounds of our universe.

Sky of Earth
This is just plain fun. An image of the entire sky as seen from earth under clear skies – 360 degree panoramic image of both the northern and southern hemispheres of the sky.

Here you can explore actual scientific projects and help in the analyzing of their data. There’s a nice mixture of astronomy projects, biology, earth science, and humanities. Definitely worth examining.
This is a good website for those curious about physics and wish to learn more.

Physics Central
Another useful site about physics.

Physics 2000
An easy to understand explanation of some of the theories of physics.

String Theory
It starts with basic explanations of this fairly important theory and slowly progresses into more complex explanations as well as showing the mathematical side of the theory. One of the few theories that has a chance at “unifying” physics theories into one grand theory.

Bad Astronomy
A fun blog that talks about astronomy.

Impact Earth!
Want to know what will happen if an asteroid hit Earth? This app will show you the devastation and the science behind it.
News concerning astronomy, physics, and everything science. For those who like to be up to date on the latest discoveries.

Black Holes
Wonderful simulation of black holes. Also fun activities within its website!

Astronomy picture of the day
Just want to view some awesome pictures of the universe? This is the site for you.

What is Geology?
A good reference for those interested in learning more about Geology.

Virtual Cave: The lava tube
This is a totally awesome website when it comes to cave formations and volcanic formations. It has excellent pictures as well.

Digital Public Library of America
A treasure trove of photos from all eras of history in America. It’s gloriously detailed.

Sex, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation:

The Gender Book
A marvelous short book that dismantles gender and explores gender identity. Visual style.

Transgender Umbrella
This pdf document explains in detail the various identities within the transgender identity.

Transgender Umbrella and Information
This is a Scottish website that provides informative explanations to help further one’s understanding of transgender people.

Questioning Transphobia
An excellent blog concerning transphobia and trans issues.

Trans Group Blog
A variety of trans individuals collaborate on this very informational blog.

Whosoever Magazine
This website is for Christians, who are LGBT. Excellent resources and explanations here.

LGBTQ Community: The Bilerico Project
This site is maintained, run, and written by people from the LGBTQ community. There’s a lot of different perspectives as well as helpful resources for those who wonder about their sexuality or gender identity or are just curious about minority issues.

Physical and Mental Health

Suicide Prevention Hotline
If you are considering suicide at all, please seek help. Call this Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK if you desperately need someone. You are not alone!

RAINN | Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network
A resource for those who have experienced either rape, abuse, or incest. Those who know someone who have experienced these may come here also for more information on how to support them through the person’s healing process.

Sexual Assault Voices
Excellent resource for sexual assault survivors, and those that wish to combat it and help stop it.

Office for Victims of Crime | Victims of Rape Resources
This is the official United States website for those who are victims of Crime, and this page in particular is devoted to resources for victims of rape.

Grief Watch
This is a good website for those experiencing personal grief and needing help or support through the bereavement process. This link takes you to the support group page of their site. There is even more resources in the left hand menu bar on the site itself.

Primer for those with Milk Allergies
Excellent resource if you are allergic to Milk products.

Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity
A resource for those diagnosed with Celiac disease, those who have the symptoms, and those who think they may have a Gluten sensitivity/allergy.

GFRAP | Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program
This may be fairly new to the scene, but it is growing. Not too many restaurants are listed as of yet, but it does house a ton of other resources about gluten-free topics.

Depression Center
An excellent resource concerning Depression.

This site also contains a ton of information regarding a variety of health topics.

Religion and Spirituality

Ocean – World Religions Free Research Library
An excellent resource for those that wish to examine the texts of various world religions and compare them with each other. It has an extensive database and is free to download.

Open theology
A good website for a general discussion of theology. It is not affiliated with any particular religion, although most of the articles are Christian based.

A very interesting blog written by an evangelist, who tackles the stereotypes and turns them on their head. He’s a left-wing Christian, who searches for truth and points out falsehoods everywhere he sees them.  He also does a weekly critique of the Left Behind Series that is absolutely hilariously awesome.

Order of Mass: Basic Texts
Wondering what Catholics say in Mass? This document outlines it perfectly. There’s also relevant resources at the bottom to help understand the Catholic side of Christianity as well.

This is an excellent article on discernment. It is written by a Catholic author, but it can be applied to most spirituality.

Dignity USA
For LGBT people in the Catholic Church who live in the US.

Buddhism Guide
Explains what Buddhism is and its basic tenants.

Computers and Technology

Computer Operating Systems
This page is a good resource for learning about the various operating systems available. In the left side column is other links to help explain the basics of computers as well.

Ubuntu and Linux
The homesite of Ubuntu. A good explanatory site to the world of linux as well as download and installing information. There is a large documentation to help one get started with linux operating systems as well.

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro
This is a tutorial that explains how to use the linux program: Blender to create magnificent 3D objects, landscapes, solar systems, and so forth. You can download blender here. This has a steep learning curve, but once mastered, it is very useful for creativity.

Excellent vector drawing program. There is also tutorials and documentation on how to use it on this site. This in particular is a favorite program of mine.

GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program
This is an open source image manipulation program that is similar to photoshop. It is a linux derived program, but is also available for windows as well. This website not only contains the download, but also tutorials to help one learn how to use this magnificent program. Highly recommended.

List of Online Word Processors
A fairly good list of the available online word processors.

One of my favorite spots to go to listen to music and to discover new artists.


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