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I’ve been compiling a massive resource Table of Contents on the writing forums I help moderate: LegendFire: Writing Resources Table of Contents

Between this and all of my projects and homework for my university classes, I haven’t had much time for a big in-depth post. However, once I am done with the upcoming week of tests, I’ll have a short break before the intensity starts up again to update this blog with some more in-depth posts. If all goes well, I will graduate with my degree in May.


World-building Resources Thread
Fantasy World building Questions
Magical World building Guide
Creating a Realistic Fantasy World
Creating the Fantasy World
A Tough Guide to Fantasyland
On Thunder and Blunder
Ten Terrific Resources for Hard Science Fiction
Constructing a SF Universe
Buidling Secondary Worlds: Advice
Creating an Earthlike Planet
Climate Cookbook
The Language Construction Kit
Creating a Realistic Alien Language
World Builders (Click on Lesson Units to start the course.)
Writing Excuses

World building Research links:

The Types of Government
Star Classification
Stars – Classification (and a host of other links concerning astronomy)
Mysterious Britain And Ireland Encyclopedia
History of Metals

Maps for World building:

Mapping Thread
Developing Fictional World through Mapping
How to Draw a Map
Sinusoidal Maps
Creating Topographic Maps
Topographic maps
Topographic Profiles

Programs or applets useful for World Building:

Timeline Generator
GIMP – opensource program similar to photoshop
GIMP Tutorials
AutoRealm – GNU Mapper
AutoRealm Tutorials
Blender – opensource program for creating 3D content
Blender Tutorials
Terragen 2: Rendering and animating Realistic Environments
StarGen- Solar System Generator
In Browser Version of StarGen
3-D Star Maps
Star Map Software Links

Online World Building Projects:

Orion’s Arm
The World Dream Bank
Santharian Dream
FARP: Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds

The above links are not fully comprehensive, but it is a start. The point here is to try to compile as much resources as possible, so that when you sit down to world-build, you can have this at your finger tips to help you locate the information needed to world-build as completely as you wish to do.

My series on world-building (without the heavy math I normally use) will continue next weekend.

Does any of my readers have any useful resources to add to this list on world-building?

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  1. Wow, Amber, you moderate all those sites. No wonder you are so busy.


    • Oh, I don’t moderate all those sites. Only parts of LegendFire. These are just sites I’ve found and am compiling for future reference.



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