I offer commissions on fractals and hand-drawn maps.

Fractal Commissions

I am opening up this site for Fractal Art Commissions! See my Deviant Art page for some examples here.

Fractals is basically painting with math — specifically geometry.  I utilize Apophysis 7x as my main render engine and will often do adjustments in Adobe Photoshop.

What I need:

  1. A Color Scheme that is preferred by the client. (Example: turquoise, violet, red.)
  2. A memory or interesting facts about the client that the person wishes to share.
  3. (optional) favorite geometric shape or function
  4. (optional) Size preference. If none is given, I will default to 11 inches by 14 inches.

I keep that memory or important fact about that person in my mind as I choose the parameters and the geometric landscape of the fractal, so that the end result is heavily informed by what the person told me. The planning part involves experimentation and trial runs to visualize my end goal. Once I have the geometric landscape plotted out, I work within my software to create the fractal itself.  Next, I select color profiles that match as closely as possible to the color scheme the client offered.

All of my fractals will be rendered at high resolutions, which allow me to print the end result in fairly large prints. I use mPix for my printing, and I always select for no color-correction as the color scheme on my fractals are a bit delicate. I can have mPix dropship for me to any location in the United States. Any commissions that are outside the United States would have to pay extra in shipping as I’d have to ship it myself.

Rendering at a high resolution can take a good portion of a day (as it uses up a lot of my computer’s processing power). So I have a hard limit on the size that can be printed.

Sizes offered:

  • 5 x 7″
  • 8 x 10″
  • 8 x 12″
  • 11 x 14″
  • 16 x 20″

I print all fractals on metallic paper with a lustre coating.

Please contact me for prices, and we can discuss what is best for you.

Here’s an example of a recent estimate I did for a piece that took me a bit over 20 hours to create:

  • $237.93 dollars for a 11 x 14″ metallic print drop-shipped to the client’s home
  • $254.43 for a 16 x 20″ metallic print drop-shipped to the client’s home.

To purchase a fractal, feel free to use ko-fi, and send me an email with the specifications and cherished memory you’d like me to use for the piece. Purchase a fractal at

More examples of my Fractal Art

preview of sinus grid.jpg

Preview fractal image.JPG

Starsallthewaydown22 Preview image.jpg

Map Commissions

I now take Map Commissions. Below is a sample of the type of maps I can draw. I hand-draw the maps, and I can ship the copy, or I can scan and send a digital version. If I ship the copy, the client will need to pay for shipping and materials used.

For all hand-drawn maps, I can personalize it with a border, map styles, or specific inked colors and/or icons. The client and I can discuss what colors and/or icons are best in the initial meeting to discuss their vision for the map.

Inked hand-drawings:

Baja California and Northern Mexico -- handdrawn and inked map of an Alternate Earth where Spaniards did not take over the region.
Alternate Earth: Baja California for Starfinder Campaign
Legend of Zelda hand drawn map coloredx.jpg
A Legend of Zelda Commission. Handdrawn, inked, and painted with watercolor.

If a client would like the map laminated, that will not be available yet as I do not have the materials. But I hope to make that an option in the future.

Please message me to determine prices. I will put up more samples of my maps soon in order to show the diversity in styles. I am willing to do city maps, topographic maps, and maps similar to the styles shown above.

Thank you!

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