Nonfiction Writing

Nonfiction Writing

These are word documents created for my service site at Iowa Public Television during my 2015 AmeriCorps year. If you would like to see any of them, please request it of me in writing. I will link them to my Google Drive once I have finished blotting out information that needs to be blotted out.

I wrote the First and Second Grade Editions of the Math Adventures: A Math Engagement Program for Iowa Public Television during my 2014-2015 AmeriCorps Year. This includes the main editions as well as the Big Buddy Guides. You can find the following pdfs at the website below.

  • I did the layout of the pages and wrote all of the content.
  • Jeff Horn, one of the Graphic Designers for IPTV, did the Header graphic.
  • Educational Services Department and Communication Department staff members assisted with the editing of the documents; this includes: Stacie S., Trista P., and Elizabeth _.
  • The alignment with the Iowa Core for Mathematics was assessed by Instructional Designer, Ginger P., and by the Department of Education Iowa Core Math Consultant.

Math Adventures: 1st and 2nd Grade Editions
Math Adventures: Big Buddy Guides


Volunteer Motivation

Volunteer Best Practices (Powerpoint copy in my Google Drive)

Transgender 101 and Pronoun Etiquette (Powerpoint PDF)


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