I have this tendency to outline after I write the story. I go through and catalog all the scenes – the characters in it, the time and location, and the main point of the scene.  I use this to check for consistency errors.  It works fairly well, but if I try to do this before I write the story, the outline becomes useless and far too restricting.

I suppose I am one of those free-write people.

Speaking of writing, I am working on the rewrites to my Dragon Twins Trilogy.  I also have determined how to repair the ending, so my hope is to finish the rewrites for this novel by the end of the summer.  As I work on these rewrites, I’ve been updating the outline for my consistency checks.

So this is my update for the week. I haven’t felt all that particularly well, and so my big research update is once again pushed back. I apologize for this.

Categories: Author, Writing


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