6 comments on “Tropes Vs. Women and Diversity in Literature

  1. Have you read when women were warriors? Just finished that series and I think it encapsulates what you are talking about


  2. Thanks for the Tropes vs. Women link! They’re pretty awesome, even if the reality is quite depressing.

    I’m kinda glad you nudged me, because I was meaning to try and arrange messaging/email with you. (Distracted due to exams…sowwy!)

    The whole tropes thing needs to be sorted out. Like, now. I don’t want my children (should I have them) see this rubbish every day. *sigh* We all need to do our bit to repair the world.


    • You’re welcome! And I wholeheartedly agree with all you said.

      And no worries. Exams are always distracting. I’ve been meaning to email you also, though your reasons are better than mine. I just felt tired all week due to my temporary job.


  3. God, yeah, my idol when I was an adolescent was Sherlock Holmes: a male, brilliant but an asshole. The closest female character I’ve idolized was Scarlett O’hara: female, smart and independent, sure, but a terrible woman to have as a friend…

    I really like your style and am looking forward to reading more!


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