Lore: The Planet of Elivera

The Planet of Elivera Elivera is a world-build project I have been working on since middle school. Over time, I learned more about the techniques of world-building, and so was able to refine and improve upon the lore to dig deeper into the intricacies of the Elivera Universe. In this post, I’ll talk about the… Continue reading Lore: The Planet of Elivera

Game Project — The Sun Rises

The Sun Rises and Game Writing Game design has been an interesting field to me for a while, but I haven’t been interested in the programming aspect. I was interested in the actual narrative of the gameplay and the creation of the world and characters. So writing the game script was far more interesting me… Continue reading Game Project — The Sun Rises

In regards to character descriptions

A question asked in the Legendfire Writing Critique Forum I help moderate focused on clothing aspects of character descriptions. My reply on the thread expanded that to the wider viewpoint of how clothing and the overall outward presentation of a character can differ based on culture and ethnicity and/or race and influence how the character… Continue reading In regards to character descriptions

Characterization: The Template

I have a fairly robust character template that I keep regularly updated as I progress through my novels. Character aren’t static, and they do change over time, so I have a section in my template that covers character growth. I try to dig deeply into the psyche of my characters as well as their past… Continue reading Characterization: The Template

A Primer on Writing Trans Characters

Introduction A question I’m commonly asked is: how does one write a trans character? I also get asked this question in regards to writing gay, lesbian, or bisexual characters, and/or how to write a person of color. There is a lot of overlap in these questions since a person can have a variety of skin… Continue reading A Primer on Writing Trans Characters

Writing Process: An Update

Update on The Dragios Twins Trilogy Book 1: The Lost Ones A few weeks ago, my editor returned my book to me with some excellent edits and suggestions. She noted areas where I needed more precise and descriptive words, areas where believability was an issue, characters who weren’t as strongly painted as other characters, suggestions… Continue reading Writing Process: An Update

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s everything I always wanted from Star Wars, where they had complex, nuanced women protagonists and people of color. This diversity made the film’s great acting, dialogue, and story even more engrossing. It also hearkened back to some of the best moments of the original trilogy of IV,… Continue reading Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Let’s Write! Constructing and Developing Ideas

In a writer’s life, there are times where ideas seem plentiful, like the molecules in a river, and other times, ideas seem scarce like water in a desert. No matter how plentiful or scarce your ideas are, the hardest aspect to them is constructing those ideas into workable stories. In the following writer’s exercise from… Continue reading Let’s Write! Constructing and Developing Ideas

Let us go Write! — Horror Edition

I write speculative fiction, where most of my focus is on science fiction with a dabble of horror. However, my roots were in fantasy, partly because when I first started writing in middle school I simply did not have the scientific foundation to write science fiction well, but that didn’t stop me. I tossed aliens… Continue reading Let us go Write! — Horror Edition

Not Breaking Viewpoint

I listened to this podcast from Writing Excuses the other day, and found it fascinating: World building without breaking viewpoint. I often think about how I can explain bits about my world without breaking the viewpoint of my characters. First, if I’m writing in first person or very close third, it’s a lot harder to… Continue reading Not Breaking Viewpoint