Deconstructing worldviews

“The notion of a “one-world-world” (OWW) is predicated on the West’s ability to arrogate to itself the right to be “the world” and to relegate all other worlds to its rules, to a state of subordination, or to nonexistence. It is thus an imperialist, colonial notion.” (chapter 1 of Pluriverse Politics by Arturo Escobar) So… Continue reading Deconstructing worldviews

Let’s Write! Constructing and Developing Ideas

In a writer’s life, there are times where ideas seem plentiful, like the molecules in a river, and other times, ideas seem scarce like water in a desert. No matter how plentiful or scarce your ideas are, the hardest aspect to them is constructing those ideas into workable stories. In the following writer’s exercise from… Continue reading Let’s Write! Constructing and Developing Ideas