Let’s Unlearn Capitalism Myths

I think this needs said: The framework that society shoved into us is capitalistic and it tries to teach us that the capitalistic view of reality is the ONLY view. This socialization is full of myths that aren’t actually true. There are many worlds within our biosphere of Earth, and we need to understand that… Continue reading Let’s Unlearn Capitalism Myths

Deconstructing worldviews

“The notion of a “one-world-world” (OWW) is predicated on the West’s ability to arrogate to itself the right to be “the world” and to relegate all other worlds to its rules, to a state of subordination, or to nonexistence. It is thus an imperialist, colonial notion.” (chapter 1 of Pluriverse Politics by Arturo Escobar) So… Continue reading Deconstructing worldviews

Lore: The Planet of Elivera

The Planet of Elivera Elivera is a world-build project I have been working on since middle school. Over time, I learned more about the techniques of world-building, and so was able to refine and improve upon the lore to dig deeper into the intricacies of the Elivera Universe. In this post, I’ll talk about the… Continue reading Lore: The Planet of Elivera

News from Pluto!

The New Horizons spacecraft has reached pluto and is sending back data! Here are some articles that highlight some of the more interesting photos to be released as of today (7/15/2015): NASA: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/new-horizons-spacecraft-displays-pluto-s-big-heart-0 http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/newhorizons/main/index.html http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/ Missions Operator Manager (MOM): http://www.themarysue.com/alice-bowman-new-horizons/ Neil Degrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert: http://www.themarysue.com/colbert-pluto-neil-degrasse-tyson/ Bad Astronomer: http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2015/07/15/pluto_and_charon_the_first_close_up_images.html This is pretty exciting news… Continue reading News from Pluto!

To stand on an alien world

Our eyes can’t see Infrared light, so a world that thrives on IR might look like the above picture to us. Though the color of the sky might be a different color than this picture shows. Our Moon What is it like to stand on a world that is not Earth? For those that have… Continue reading To stand on an alien world

World building template for all your Planet’s needs

In my worldbuilding series, I explained the physics of worldbuilding and how to create your own solar system. Today let’s examine an example of this process. To aid with this, I’ll show the spreadsheet I use in order to help me calculate the parameters of my planet and it’s sun. Revision 3: Star Systems Template… Continue reading World building template for all your Planet’s needs

The Uncertain Universe: How Science Discovers its Truths

Science explores the universe, and one of it’s main tenants isn’t to explain everything exactly. No, it’s to try to validate explanations (and ideas) through experiments, or to put in other words: any idea someone has devised to explain an event in our universe, that idea must be validated through experiment in order for it… Continue reading The Uncertain Universe: How Science Discovers its Truths

Thought Experiment: Habitable Moon Around a Gas Giant

This year I hope to write a few thought experiments, and from these come up with plausible science fiction stories. I’ll start with one I’ve been thinking about for awhile: habitable moons. First off, the orbit of the moon is absolutely critical. It cannot be too close to the gas giant, because of the gravity… Continue reading Thought Experiment: Habitable Moon Around a Gas Giant

Review: Time Travel And Warp Drives

As a science fiction writer, I find examining science’s current stance on futuristic ideas, such as time travel, warp drives, and other possible technological advances to be fascinating and insightful. This book by Allen Everett and Thomas Roman takes the reader on an incredibly thorough examination of the science of time travel, the paradoxes of… Continue reading Review: Time Travel And Warp Drives

The Year of 2014

And so a new year begins. Interestingly enough, there really is no significance as to this date starting the new year, other than historical references. Astronomically, this date doesn’t signify anything; the winter solstice is slightly more significant astronomically, since it signifies when the days start to lengthen again rather than shorten. This is all… Continue reading The Year of 2014