National Poetry Month: Rhymed Tercet

My second poem for National Poetry Month is a Rhymed Tercet. The title of the Fractal is the Echoes of Spacetime. Creation by A. A. Zingler Blazing hot inferno explodes into life in its superheated soup of particles the spark of inflation rapidly spikes. Dust coalesced by gravity’s attraction form the weave of all galaxies’… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Rhymed Tercet

News from Pluto!

The New Horizons spacecraft has reached pluto and is sending back data! Here are some articles that highlight some of the more interesting photos to be released as of today (7/15/2015): NASA: Missions Operator Manager (MOM): Neil Degrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert: Bad Astronomer: This is pretty exciting news… Continue reading News from Pluto!

Thought Experiment 2: Societies on a Habitable Moon

I discussed the science behind a Habitable Moon here: Thought Experiment Habitable Moon Around a Gas Giant, and you can go ahead and read that to understand the science of this thought experiment and to bring you up to speed on what I will discuss now. The night sky, the sun, and various atmospheric effects… Continue reading Thought Experiment 2: Societies on a Habitable Moon

The Year of 2014

And so a new year begins. Interestingly enough, there really is no significance as to this date starting the new year, other than historical references. Astronomically, this date doesn’t signify anything; the winter solstice is slightly more significant astronomically, since it signifies when the days start to lengthen again rather than shorten. This is all… Continue reading The Year of 2014