On How I curated my 2018 Reading List

I’ve been meaning to update my blog with my reading goals, but I took awhile to decide what to read this year. Part of this is because I had to establish where I stand in relation to my healing journey, my spiritual journey, and my social justice activism. I also needed to build up my… Continue reading On How I curated my 2018 Reading List


Journey into the darkness, that leeches the soul of light, engulfs with chasms, insurmountable at first. But in all journeys, the light carves out its path, unleashes its torrent — bathes us all in radiance. So clothe oneself and all one sees with unconditional love — allow the beams to reverberate and pulse like waves… Continue reading Journey

Updates and Thoughts on Love, Empathy, and Accountability

I feel like I’ve been ill a long time. I am working on managing my C-PTSD in a healthy way as well as slowly working through my healing. But I also face a growing weakness in my right side that randomly seems to turn into numbness and painful tingling or abdominal pain. As for what… Continue reading Updates and Thoughts on Love, Empathy, and Accountability

National Poetry Month: Rhymed Tercet

My second poem for National Poetry Month is a Rhymed Tercet. The title of the Fractal is the Echoes of Spacetime. Creation by A. A. Zingler Blazing hot inferno explodes into life in its superheated soup of particles the spark of inflation rapidly spikes. Dust coalesced by gravity’s attraction form the weave of all galaxies’… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Rhymed Tercet

Contemplation on Hope

  In a volatile world that rips and throbs with oppressive practices, tying us all into tangled amalgamates of despair, we toss a rock into the pool of hope, the ripples pushing outward and molecules — bumping and pulling against one another — destabilizes the roots of harmful systems. Each of us a converging stream… Continue reading Contemplation on Hope

Reflections in Time

Life slips away like the autumn leaves, fading into the dirt, crumbling to be made anew in spring. Our memories leave this same trail of forgotten moments, fragments — pieces that fit nowhere. Wondering all we’ve done, this deja vu, over and over– why can’t we see our past in full technicolor detail? The emotions… Continue reading Reflections in Time


The box is a deep maroon, the texture somewhat akin to cardboard but stronger and thinner. Inside lays a wealth of memories, not forgotten, but held in the confines of four walls, protected from the elements and from my own grief. It is unknown exactly when I received this box in the mail, but it… Continue reading Encapsulated