We Are the Fire

We Are the Fire By Aidan Zingler Words pull push, agitate, infuriateI’m the fury of the world not seen.I beg, I cajole, I reason, I askI’m the pain of the dead not seen.Time is running out, time is running Black Lives burn bright and extinguish, Stars howl their sorrow at their lossDisabled flames smolder and… Continue reading We Are the Fire

Reading Emergent Strategy with friends-Updated!

I am going to embark on a new project while I try to heal from Covid19 complications and autoimmune issues. Since several friends wanted to read Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown but they struggled to find an accessible audio book version, I decided to try my hand at reading it out loud. This is… Continue reading Reading Emergent Strategy with friends-Updated!

Quarantine Poetry

Living alone by Aidan Zingler Living in a pandemic while living alone splinters my mind, breaks me down pain ignites and drenches my soul an endless kaleidoscope nightmare again and again my body crushed against the shoals of silence. A slice of the sun burns my eyes Buzz of machine howls in my ears Cold… Continue reading Quarantine Poetry

Poetry: Birth

Birth by Aidan Zingler (fractal also by me) Scattered enriched guts splattered across the skies, Bubbling froth, seething energy permeating space-time Wisp of a second, our existence overlooked by the brilliant magnitude of a 13.7 billion year old. Intrepid explorers, we stumble into the black vastness of a giant, violent ocean — star-birthing hurricanes, with… Continue reading Poetry: Birth

Patreon Posts and Updates

Here are my latest patreon posts. Some are open to the public, and others require you to be a patron to see it. (feel free to join a tier if you wish to support my work!) I’ll be posting more essays, Elivera lore and world-building, and poetry at my Patreon. Some will be behind the… Continue reading Patreon Posts and Updates

Trans Lives Festival

I haven’t been well for awhile due to a minor surgery, but I was determined to make the Trans Lives Festival that was organized by the First Unitarian Church. I’d been helping with some of the organizing, mostly with getting the word out and encouraging folks to keep at it. Since the end of March… Continue reading Trans Lives Festival


Journey into the darkness, that leeches the soul of light, engulfs with chasms, insurmountable at first. But in all journeys, the light carves out its path, unleashes its torrent — bathes us all in radiance. So clothe oneself and all one sees with unconditional love — allow the beams to reverberate and pulse like waves… Continue reading Journey

National Poetry Month: Sequence of Tanka Inspired by Break My Fucking Sky’s Album Final Breath

Drift on winds of time pulsating drone spears the heart A tremble of notes Sprinkled atop harmony wraps around the panicked mind. . Feet crunch broken rocks gloved hands release the stairway alien landscape ripples with mirages, heat above the star gleams blood red. . Hurricane of pain stabs the mind, body with fire energy… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Sequence of Tanka Inspired by Break My Fucking Sky’s Album Final Breath

Interlude of Truth: The Saga of a Bird and From Order to Chaos

An Introduction of Sorts This is a sequence of poems and fractals — many of the poems I wrote in 2016, though bits of the first segment (I) is from 2015, and the final segment (V) was from 2017. Both the fractals and poems explore the beauty I shared with my former partner but also… Continue reading Interlude of Truth: The Saga of a Bird and From Order to Chaos

National Poetry Month: A Ghazal: Pain

National Poetry Month: A Return to the Ghazal I originally wrote this poem on April 11, 2017 but debated posting it on my blog. It chronicles a journey I took recently, where it felt like my internal self was being erased by others and my story disregarded or distorted by others. I am still recovering… Continue reading National Poetry Month: A Ghazal: Pain