National Poetry Month: Series of Tanka poems

Shredded thoughts and dreams combusts into fractured neurons A maelstrom of pain invigorated senses illuminate the path home. ** The sky splits open and hail heralds the death cries the fury of wind rips and shreds the countryside and lays bare our earths’ innards. ** Harsh words penetrate self lost in the halls of time… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Series of Tanka poems

National Poetry Month: Octopoem

This was from a prompt given on Legendfire Writing Forum. Prompt was to write an Octopoem. Directions here.  The fractal I created in Chaotica rather than my usual Apophysis 7.x program. Embers Scorching blue embers Straddles fall leaves Inside a small, thirsty forest Then a screeching sand-storm Sears and ignites the forest’s undergarments It cavorts… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Octopoem

National Poetry Month: Rhymed Tercet

My second poem for National Poetry Month is a Rhymed Tercet. The title of the Fractal is the Echoes of Spacetime. Creation by A. A. Zingler Blazing hot inferno explodes into life in its superheated soup of particles the spark of inflation rapidly spikes. Dust coalesced by gravity’s attraction form the weave of all galaxies’… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Rhymed Tercet

National Poetry Month — Ghazal: Heart

Ghazal — Heart By A. Zingler (fractal also by me) Explosion of pain incinerates the core of my being, broken heart. Lies told by others incorporates fear and doubt in my mind, shattered heart. Feet sink into cool mud, saturates my fragile spirit, a balm for my heart. New friendship blooms and invigorates trust shared… Continue reading National Poetry Month — Ghazal: Heart


Splintered glass strewn across the ice, like a broken mirror that rips and throbs with the rippling cracks of heartache each drop of blood a window – My footsteps falter, the rain biting, I hold up my hands, streaked with cuts, my tears tangle with the droplets, and I dance alone into the night. Footprints… Continue reading Healing

Antenna of Time

My heart skips a beat, Darkness swells and crashes on the shoals of time – I can’t see, I can’t breathe. Spun into a tornado I hurl my spirit onto the crags, the molten decadence of hope– Don’t look for me in the moonlight, Don’t look for me in the daylight. Our feet balance on… Continue reading Antenna of Time

Withering World

  Withering World by A. Zingler, myself. The world is clothed in black robes, the light diffused into a smudge of burnt umber, up into the starlight I look, but the sky is crowded with fog and haze of a world sickened and poisoned. Our future splinters into strands of twisted streams, each sagging with… Continue reading Withering World

Contemplation on Hope

  In a volatile world that rips and throbs with oppressive practices, tying us all into tangled amalgamates of despair, we toss a rock into the pool of hope, the ripples pushing outward and molecules — bumping and pulling against one another — destabilizes the roots of harmful systems. Each of us a converging stream… Continue reading Contemplation on Hope