Real Life Update

I have not been able to post due to time constraints lately.  I have been fighting to save my university from budget cuts. Please visit the following sites to read some information pertaining to this: sit-in protest of cuts. There are even more programs threatening to be cut: Des Moines Register exclusive: Eighty-plus programs… Continue reading Real Life Update

Life Update

Due to recovery from illness – despite that lovely trip to the ocean! – I am still planning the next set of blog entries. I try to do a bit of research for each, especially if they are focused on world-building, since providing evidence and/or resources is always helpful for a writer. My recovery however… Continue reading Life Update

Return from the Abyss

I have returned from vacation only to fall ill with a fairly serious virus that left me bedridden for several days. Because of this, I haven’t been able to update this blog at all. However, I hope to rectify this today, now that I feel well enough to go back to my studies! My adventures… Continue reading Return from the Abyss


A few days ago, I received this award from a writing friend.  I’m surprised and  honored that he thought of me, and so I’ll play the game.  However, since it seems a bit like the blogger’s version of a chain letter, the blogs that I link in the final two rules will be a comprehensive… Continue reading Versatile

Introducing the Author

Come, friend, sit down at the fire with me. Let us drink tea and talk. Oh, you wish for an introduction? Let me see.  The road I walk is rarely traveled, yet it takes me through groves of trees, over wind-swept seas, across searing deserts, to the highland steppes, and there at the peak of… Continue reading Introducing the Author

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