2 comments on “Life Update

    • That’s the toughest part. Oh, I forgot a book that’s on my book shelf – the one Joy gave me in a present: How to market your book on Amazon.

      If I’m careful, I could self publish there and take the advice in that book, but they have terrible terms, which have left me dancing around trying them for self-publishing. Since if you go that route, you really need to market yourself in as many places as is plausible, but Amazon has recently been trying to change its terms so that you can only market there and no where else. It’s trying to turn itself into a monopoly at the same time it’s limiting the author from using any other resources.

      Traditional publishing is a whole other bandwagon. So far, it seems easier to query an agent and then the agent can pitch my book to the publisher, and we can go from there.



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