2 comments on “Versatile

    • Er…. this post was written in 2011. He was still hiding from everyone at that time period. He even hid from you when you visited while I was in Ames, but then that may have been because he didn’t quite remember you, as he is a cat. Over the years, I kinda became his safety net, and my best friend at the time in 2011 just learned to speak his language. There’s only one other person who is able to pick up Quark without him panicking, and that person lives in Davenport.

      He’s a lot more sociable these days. He’ll come out and watch you now! Though it may take him quite a bit to let anyone besides me pet him. I always advise people to not pick him up because he still gets a bit panicky when it’s not me. The sad truth is that all the love in the world cannot always cure the trauma he endured before we rescued him. All I can do is just continue to love him, offer him a safe place to thrive, and attend to all his kitty needs.

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