Introducing the Author

Come, friend, sit down at the fire with me. Let us drink tea and talk.

Oh, you wish for an introduction?

Let me see.  The road I walk is rarely traveled, yet it takes me through groves of trees, over wind-swept seas, across searing deserts, to the highland steppes, and there at the peak of the highest mountains, I spread my wings to fly. Fly to the stars, to where dreams come true.

Only to fall back to reality – to the knowledge that our world is often harsh and cruel, where the fight for love and truth is often exhausting. I am a determined individual, who refuses to give up the notion of love and forgiveness and peace. My optimism tells me there is always hope, even if that hope is frail and the light is weak. It takes energy to give the light greater strength, so it can burn brighter to break apart the hatred surrounding it.

This is not enough, you say. So you ask, who am I?

I am many things.
I am a student,
a teacher,
a sibling,
a friend,
a possible lover.
I am spiritual;
I am gay;
I am an introvert;
I am genderqueer;
I am introspective;
I am peaceful;
I am compassionate;
I am optimistic;
I am a writer;
I am a scientist;
I am a poet;
I am a musician;
I am a composer;
I am a good-listener;
I am emotional;
I am rational;
I am logical;
I am an intellectual;
I am empathetic;
I am a survivor;
I am flawed;
I am a human being.

This is all aspects of me, but there is always more to me than meets the eye. Come, and drink tea with me, for what you hear here is only a small sliver of who I am. To truly know a person, takes an eternity.

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