College Graduate

As of Saturday, I sat through the official ceremony proclaiming my graduation.  The only significant moment was when I tripped down the center stairs, after shaking the university president’s hand, and tumbled into the department head of my major.  Thankfully, people in the audience assumed we were hugging, but the physics department head and I had a good laugh over that.

So I have a bachelor’s in Physics with a minor in music composition.  Graduate school is next in line, once I am accepted into, hopefully, a good astronomy program.

In the mean time, I have mostly spent my time working on university related stuff, critiquing novellas from friends at Legendfire, and participating in interactive writing games there.  My plan is to start focusing on my novels again this summer as I prepare for the next stage of my life.

The next stage of my world-building series will cover planets.  I’ll explore the building of a planet in depth.  Once done, that should cover most of the basics for the astronomy aspects to world-building.  I also am planning another entry that deals specifically with technology and resources to help one build realistic and believable technology.

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