I’m taking a break from my blog and will reconvene in January.  It’s been a harsh two months for me, and I need the time to recuperate.  In the meantime, here’s a photo for your enjoyment:  

National Novel Writing Month is next month!

I’ve participated every year in NaNoWriMo, but I’ve only completed it twice.  Mostly I use it as a way to encourage me to write daily again. To force myself into a pattern. This will last for a few months afterward, until life disrupts my patterns and I have to start all over again. A never-ending… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month is next month!

2012 in review

Thank you, WordPress, for this wonderful report. It’s a start for this blog, and now that I’m starting to manage my time better, I am going to attempt to resume my weekly updates to this blog.  I still have a few obstacles in my way, mostly my health and the uncertainty inherent in that right… Continue reading 2012 in review