Oh, how Sgt. Quark Amaya McFluffers loves pizza boxes, but then came the day when we had to throw them out. We lured him away with Greenies, and then threw them out while doing our annual apartment clean. His sorrow knew no bounds, until the next pizza box came, and there he was again, lounging… Continue reading Untitled

Quark Versus Robotbug

Yes, this is a video I took of my cat playing with a tiny nanobug. I don’t remember where the little robot came from — it’s quite possible that it was a stocking stuffer one Christmas. Took this video three months ago. Enjoy~!


I’m taking a break from my blog and will reconvene in January.  It’s been a harsh two months for me, and I need the time to recuperate.  In the meantime, here’s a photo for your enjoyment: