Computer Trouble

My desktop ceased to work the other night, and I’m relegated to my old laptop that tends to randomly shut off. A friend is helping me with the desktop, for it’s possible that it was just the video card that burnt out. If it’s the CPU, then we have a lot more to replace. My friend is fairly certain my harddrive is fine, so I should be able to save all the information on the computer.

All my writing is backed up in four spots – two thumbdrives, my desktop, and my old semi-function laptop. I do this on purpose just in case something goes wrong.

I’m not sure how long it will take to repair my desktop, so I will try to make do with my laptop. It’s limited capabilities at the moment, and my attempts to care for it to prolong its life makes it harder to do extensive research, so preparing blog entries will mean some work with pencil and paper. As long as I have a stable connection, I should be able to continue to post once a week, but I am moving next week also, so this is putting me behind on my post schedule. The next installment in my world-building series will have to wait until after the move. Until then, I’ll do my best to get online and post interesting thoughts – they will be short posts, but hopefully intriguing ones.

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