6 comments on “Writing software

    • I definitely agree there! I’m going to do a bit more testing, but I think I’m buying Scrivener with my next paycheck. I’m just loving it.


  1. Well, I just learned something new. I should have realized there would be software for writers, but since I’m not a computer expert (by any means) that never occurred to me. I may buy that program too. Thanks for telling about it so well.


    • It has a really great tutorial that you can read through, which will be really helpful for learning how it works. I went through that tutorial and was impressed with how thorough and easy it was to grasp the majority of features in it.


  2. I’ve tried to use Scrivener before, but I just haven’t needed all of its power. I just have a simple text editor and a few scripts for my writing environment. It suits me well.


    • That’s totally cool; it’s what I used for years too. Though it’s only lately that I’ve realized I needed a new way of sorting my projects. Lately, I’ve tended toward large world-building projects for my science fiction novels, but I also tend to be disorganized unless I have something to keep me organized. So it all works out in the end.



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