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I am part of a writing board called Legendfire, and over the past few months I’ve been working on a project to compile all the resources I could find on the site. Most of them were located in the Writing Resources forum, but a few were scattered in other miscellaneous threads throughout the site itself. This list of resources is ongoing, as in I update it whenever new resources are posted and I have the time to sit down and code in the links, but here is the list for my readers to peruse: Writing Resources: Table of Contents

I have separated the resources into several categories, each holding a few sub-categories, which you can examine after the jump.


Most importantly here, I’m dying to know if there are other resources out there I can add to this list.  If you can, check to see if I already have it.  Even if you don’t check, I’ll still be grateful for there is a fairly significant probability that your resource may not be on my list yet.  So suggest away! I dare you.

Art of Writing (including themes, structure, plot, setting, ect…)

  • Characters
  • Video Game Writing



Miscellaneous Writing Resources (still debating how to categorize a few of these since they often cover several categories at once).

  • Writing software
  • Links for Research



Short Story


  • Research links
  • Creating maps (including programs)
  • Software and applets for world-building
  • Online world-building projects

You can find the resources within these categories in the link above since that’s the master version of this list.  I’m only updating one place currently, so I don’t want to post a copy here only for it to become outdated in a few weeks.  So I’ll just update the spot on Legendfire and keep you all posted on any new developments in the list.

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