I started a new job, which has left me exhausted in the evenings. Thus I am having to recalculate how I spend my free time. Trying to write when you have a full time job is a hard challenge, and my plans for dealing with this in the past doesn’t quite work with my current situation. There really isn’t a one-size fit all plan that works each and every time, for life is sort of a fly by the seats of your pants sort of deal. You can plan only up to a certain extent, but life will throw a kink in those plans, and you’ll have to improvise a bit to make sure things somehow work out alright in the end. I feel like I’m doing that know with determining when to write and world-build in my now suddenly busy days.

As an aside, I’m also doing a bit of research for my next world-building post. So that will go up in a little while.

As for my paper mache project, I’m still determining the best way to start painting the continents. I’ll try to find a way to post update pictures with the preliminary outlines before I paint and then the final result after I paint.

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