National Novel Writing Month is next month!

I’ve participated every year in NaNoWriMo, but I’ve only completed it twice.  Mostly I use it as a way to encourage me to write daily again. To force myself into a pattern. This will last for a few months afterward, until life disrupts my patterns and I have to start all over again. A never-ending… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month is next month!

A Single Story

I recent TED Talk I found really spoke to me.  Chimamanda Adichie is from Nigeria, and she speaks about the danger of a single story, where she relates how a single story of Africa has caused grave harm and a critical misunderstanding about the huge diversity of people and cultures within Africa.  There are many… Continue reading A Single Story

Power in Words?

I am a writer.  However, sometimes I sit at my desk and stare at the screen, my thoughts fluttering about in a disarray.  I begin to have doubts about my abilities, my life, and what meaning I even hold to anyone, let alone myself.  I begin to shrivel up and cower away from words, like… Continue reading Power in Words?

How I craft a language Part 1

Note: This will be the first in a series. I apologize for how late this is coming out. I had a health issue that was paramount, and now that has cleared up, I will be returning to writing in this blog once a week. Thank you for your patience! Whenever I create a language, I… Continue reading How I craft a language Part 1

Throes of Agony: Free Verse Poem

Throes of Agony A tear drop gathers on the tip of your nose. Take a step back, a balancing act on the tightrope, the crowd pulsing with a negative energy, jeering, cat-calling, throwing trinkets, half-eaten pickles and popcorn at your precariously balanced body. One down. Life gathers you in a close embrace, then rips your… Continue reading Throes of Agony: Free Verse Poem