National Novel Writing Month: Begins Tomorrow at Midnight

Pens ready to go fellow writers?

One would hope for tomorrow at midnight, NaNoWriMo begins.  I’ll be attending the regional kick-off to see if that helps inspire me to tackle as many words as possible for the first few hours of November.  I tend to write in sprints rather than daily word counts, but to win NaNoWriMo, I will have to start writing bits of my story daily — at the very least a thousand words a day.  My sprints where I take on several thousand words in a day will help cover the rest of the word count.  As long as I get past 50,000 words, then I’m happy.

I’ve been mapping out the plot points of my story on notebook cards.  It’ll give me some leverage with rearranging them to see if there’s a different way to put the scenes together.  It will also let me look at the tale as if it’s a puzzle.  I know the overall picture, but now with these notecards, I can write each individual piece, and then place them together with transitions to smooth out the tale.  It’s a new way of writing for me, and I’ll see if this experimental method helps me finish the story on time.

Another activity I’ve done is create the crew manifest for my Starliner, determine the type of ship engine, and how long it would take to traverse space from one point to the next.  I am mapping the ship now, so I can have a good idea of the different areas of the ship and where the characters will be during their scenes.  It’s quite a bit of fun, especially since I love to draw maps.

Is anyone else preparing for NaNoWriMo with some last minutes notes?

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