I’m taking a break from my blog and will reconvene in January.  It’s been a harsh two months for me, and I need the time to recuperate.  In the meantime, here’s a photo for your enjoyment:  

Writing about the Near Future

Writing about the near future can be a challenge, especially when writing short stories. When I set out to write a short story today, one I had planned the night before, and then dreamed about as I slept, I realized that I had to think about how technology might differ from today a good sixty… Continue reading Writing about the Near Future

Seattle: EMP, a Ferry, and my Final Day

Seattle is not only home to a mixture of traditional architecture and new, but also home to artwork. There is actually a provision in the construction law, where part of the land on which a building is built must be devoted to artwork. Due to this, nearly every newer building in the downtown area had… Continue reading Seattle: EMP, a Ferry, and my Final Day

Seattle: Downtown

Aside from the constant cloud cover, Seattle holds an atmosphere of constant movement; the rumble of cars in the distance and pedestrians walking, each eager to reach their destinations, perpetuates in all directions.  Buses are a constant and often necessary form of travel in the city, with many a biker taking advantage of the bike… Continue reading Seattle: Downtown

Snow White and Cinderella

One of the reasons I found myself diving into the reinvention of fairy tales is simply because the modern takes on them are too stale. They don’t dig into a lot of the more disturbing thematic elements of the original fairy tales. Now, my purpose isn’t to dig into the more violent aspects that riddle… Continue reading Snow White and Cinderella

Before I die, I want to…..

In June, my town held an Art Festival, where artists from all over the Midwest came to show their wares.  A friend of mine convinced me to join her and a mutual friend for a walk around the festival to see all the various mediums of art.  Over by the food vendors, and slightly offset… Continue reading Before I die, I want to…..

National Novel Writing Month: Begins Tomorrow at Midnight

Pens ready to go fellow writers? One would hope for tomorrow at midnight, NaNoWriMo begins.  I’ll be attending the regional kick-off to see if that helps inspire me to tackle as many words as possible for the first few hours of November.  I tend to write in sprints rather than daily word counts, but to… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month: Begins Tomorrow at Midnight

NaNoWriMo Notes: Characters

Characters are the core of the story. Without them, you really don’t have much of a story or really anything to write. It’s why I take a lot of care in my character building. I want to understand the character the best I can before I start the story itself. Once I know my characters,… Continue reading NaNoWriMo Notes: Characters