The Uncertain Universe: How Science Discovers its Truths

Science explores the universe, and one of it’s main tenants isn’t to explain everything exactly. No, it’s to try to validate explanations (and ideas) through experiments, or to put in other words: any idea someone has devised to explain an event in our universe, that idea must be validated through experiment in order for it… Continue reading The Uncertain Universe: How Science Discovers its Truths

Flashback 2012: Queer Monologues – My performance piece

I wrote the following in 2012 for the Queer Monologues hosted at my university by the UNI Proud group and the LGBT Student Outreach Coordinator. I wanted to post it here because it exemplifies the experiences of my trans* friends, and often what I encounter when I wear masculine clothing and cut my hair short.… Continue reading Flashback 2012: Queer Monologues – My performance piece

Space stations

The International space station, a testament to humanity’s ingenuity, orbits at 7.66 kilometers a second, taking it ninety minutes to completely circle the earth. The higher you go above the Earth, the less pull you feel from Earth’s gravity, but even for the space station, it still experiences nearly ninety percent of Earth’s gravity —… Continue reading Space stations

Let it Go

I press my boot into the snow, the print crisp. The wind slices against my cheeks, sweeping through my coat to penetrate deep into my bones. I step into the cold when I want answers. It’s unavoidable in winter, where the cold seeps into every layer of my body; even in the warmth of a… Continue reading Let it Go

Examine the Possibilities

I stand in the cold, the chill embracing my body. Only a thin layer of fabric separates my legs from the frigid temperature, and it reminds me that the layers I wear do not extend far enough down. Yet I do not move. I lean against the car, the metal almost painful to the touch.… Continue reading Examine the Possibilities

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Thought Experiment: Habitable Moon Around a Gas Giant

This year I hope to write a few thought experiments, and from these come up with plausible science fiction stories. I’ll start with one I’ve been thinking about for awhile: habitable moons. First off, the orbit of the moon is absolutely critical. It cannot be too close to the gas giant, because of the gravity… Continue reading Thought Experiment: Habitable Moon Around a Gas Giant

Review: Neutrino Hunters

At the turn of the century, physicists grappled with a persistent and quite nefarious problem: beta decay in radioactive materials seemed to be missing energy, as in the experimental results did not match up with theory. This upset the laws of conservation of energy, and left many a physicists concerned as to the laws validity… Continue reading Review: Neutrino Hunters

Quark Versus Robotbug

Yes, this is a video I took of my cat playing with a tiny nanobug. I don’t remember where the little robot came from — it’s quite possible that it was a stocking stuffer one Christmas. Took this video three months ago. Enjoy~!