Power disparities from Unexamined Privilege

As an Intro: I feel folks need a reminder. Cisgender allies — talk to your peeps about this. Do The Work of allyship. I really want to see communities live out their claims of allyship and “welcoming to trans folks” by listening to us (this essay has good action items). I’m sure us trans folks… Continue reading Power disparities from Unexamined Privilege

Update on the Fight for Trans Healthcare

On Friday, May 2nd, 2018, Governor Reynolds signed HF766 into law. She made the regrettable choice not to use her line item veto to eliminate the amendment designed to discriminate against transgender Iowans. The Amendment, tacked onto a Budget bill last minute, was specifically coded directly into the Iowa Civil Rights Act. This is the… Continue reading Update on the Fight for Trans Healthcare

Pronoun Etiquette Guide

I wrote about how to write Trans Characters in a prior post here. A common follow-up question involves pronouns, such as a guide on how to use them, who uses which pronouns, and how to pronounce the gender-neutral ones. In this guide, I will have links to other trans individuals to provide a more nuanced… Continue reading Pronoun Etiquette Guide

Flashback 2012: Queer Monologues – My performance piece

I wrote the following in 2012 for the Queer Monologues hosted at my university by the UNI Proud group and the LGBT Student Outreach Coordinator. I wanted to post it here because it exemplifies the experiences of my trans* friends, and often what I encounter when I wear masculine clothing and cut my hair short.… Continue reading Flashback 2012: Queer Monologues – My performance piece