National Poetry Month: Starting late

It’s National Poetry Month and I’m starting a bit late to this bandwagon. I decided to try to post a short poem daily. Since I missed two days, I’ll just start today, and maybe try to make up those two days later this month by posting more than one poem. I’ll also examine various forms of poetry and try my hand at learning how to write them. This way we can explore the world of poetry as I write.  Some of my prompts will be coming from the writing community I help moderate: Legendfire   When I use one of their prompts, I’ll attribute it to the person who provided it. So feel free to join me, readers! It’ll be a fun adventure.

Day three: Write a shadorma (prompt from Tisiphone’s Downfall at Legendfire)

A shadorma is a short poem that hails from Spain. It has six lines with the syllabic count for each line being: 3/5/3/3/7/5


A frothing
sea of particles
pervades all
of spacetime.
quantum vacuum energy —
space isn’t empty.

Idea came from the fact that at a quantum level spacetime isn’t truly empty. It’s a frothing sea of particles known as the vacuum energy, which is a neat theory that comes from interesting results within quantum theory and the standard model of physics. There is some evidence that vacuum energy exists, and if it does, it can have huge ramifications upon our understanding of the universe.. You can read more about it here: Cosmological Constant.

By Aibird

Open the door, step inside. Here you find a forest, teeming with animals and birds, which sweeps up the sides of snow-capped mountains. Here in the small pocket of beauty, one finds the essence of my soul. A writer at heart, I delve deep into the finer details of humanity's spirit, and seek to share with others what gems I uncover. I find life exciting and full of interesting surprises, and despite the great pain that often confronts me, I persevere with the joy in my heart still bubbling, and the light of my soul still aflame. There is a time and a place to introspect one's self, but often enough it is best to not look back in regret, but leap forward in the present toward the achievement of one's deepest dreams. I am a wanderer. An explorer. One place cannot contain me for long, but to my friends and family, I remain loyal, for love is not bound by time nor place. Once cultivated and nourished continuously, it binds people together on a journey through the unknown reaches of life.

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