Nourishing our Creativity

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book inspired this essay; I then posted it in the LegendFire Nonfiction forums for critiques, and this is its final resting place. Enjoy. Nourishing Our Creativity From the depths of our souls, the waters of creativity flow in an unceasing river, invigorating our psyche and our life when expressed. The moment… Continue reading Nourishing our Creativity

Before I die, I want to…..

In June, my town held an Art Festival, where artists from all over the Midwest came to show their wares.  A friend of mine convinced me to join her and a mutual friend for a walk around the festival to see all the various mediums of art.  Over by the food vendors, and slightly offset… Continue reading Before I die, I want to…..

National Novel Writing Month: Begins Tomorrow at Midnight

Pens ready to go fellow writers? One would hope for tomorrow at midnight, NaNoWriMo begins.  I’ll be attending the regional kick-off to see if that helps inspire me to tackle as many words as possible for the first few hours of November.  I tend to write in sprints rather than daily word counts, but to… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month: Begins Tomorrow at Midnight

Power in Words?

I am a writer.  However, sometimes I sit at my desk and stare at the screen, my thoughts fluttering about in a disarray.  I begin to have doubts about my abilities, my life, and what meaning I even hold to anyone, let alone myself.  I begin to shrivel up and cower away from words, like… Continue reading Power in Words?

Resources and updates

I’ve been compiling a massive resource Table of Contents on the writing forums I help moderate: LegendFire: Writing Resources Table of Contents Between this and all of my projects and homework for my university classes, I haven’t had much time for a big in-depth post. However, once I am done with the upcoming week of… Continue reading Resources and updates

Time to Communicate

Sometimes, when I’m in need of inspiration or just deep thoughts in general, I go to Writing Excuses. Today I focused on their world-building podcasts, and this one in particular caught my attention: Writing Excuses 6.13: World Building Communications Technology. One of the main points of this particular podcast was how the technological advances was… Continue reading Time to Communicate