Let’s Write: Horror Elements

Horror can sometimes seem difficult to write, but the best horror is often distilled into several elements that comprise the major plot points of a story. Elements Pain As humans, we often abhor excessive amounts of pain, and when confronted with it, we tend toward the path of least resistance. This avoidance of pain can… Continue reading Let’s Write: Horror Elements

Reflections in Time

Life slips away like the autumn leaves, fading into the dirt, crumbling to be made anew in spring. Our memories leave this same trail of forgotten moments, fragments — pieces that fit nowhere. Wondering all we’ve done, this deja vu, over and over– why can’t we see our past in full technicolor detail? The emotions… Continue reading Reflections in Time


The box is a deep maroon, the texture somewhat akin to cardboard but stronger and thinner. Inside lays a wealth of memories, not forgotten, but held in the confines of four walls, protected from the elements and from my own grief. It is unknown exactly when I received this box in the mail, but it… Continue reading Encapsulated

Let’s Write! Constructing and Developing Ideas

In a writer’s life, there are times where ideas seem plentiful, like the molecules in a river, and other times, ideas seem scarce like water in a desert. No matter how plentiful or scarce your ideas are, the hardest aspect to them is constructing those ideas into workable stories. In the following writer’s exercise from… Continue reading Let’s Write! Constructing and Developing Ideas

Martin Luther King Day

Today is Martin Luther King Day, where service events abound. I chose to volunteer at a Poverty Simulation, where I was given the job of being the SuperFood Clerk. Those involved in the simulation had to buy their food, clothing, miscellaneous supplies, and prescriptions through me. Fifteen minutes represents a week, so an hour is… Continue reading Martin Luther King Day

Worldbuild: Cities

In a society, people tend to gather in communities, and over time these communities can expand and grow, developing into cities. Thus, when world-building, cities can prove to be intensely beneficial to your stories. Taking the time to develop them can help you better understand the setting of your story and how your characters may… Continue reading Worldbuild: Cities