One comment on “Martin Luther King Day

  1. Yes, a four year college education, without something like a teaching certification or a technical degree like computer or engineering, does not guarantee a higher paying job. There is still a recession going on, .no matter what politicians say about new jobs and a lower unemployment rate. Most, if not all, of the new jobs are minimum wage or only slightly above. As you have learned that is barely enough to live on. The lower unemployment rate is due to the fact that the unemployed no longer qualify for unemployment; many are working two or more pArt time jobs; others are living with friends or family. the older ones who could not find jobs took early social security, or are exhausting whatever they managed to save through years of work. The proverty rate has increased. Government cannot longer help much no matter who is in power. I expect situation to not improve no matter what. During the great depression of the 1930’s Roosevelt and his people tried many stopgap measures. WW2 ended the great depression . May God forbid that solution.



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