Thought Experiment 2: Societies on a Habitable Moon

I discussed the science behind a Habitable Moon here: Thought Experiment Habitable Moon Around a Gas Giant, and you can go ahead and read that to understand the science of this thought experiment and to bring you up to speed on what I will discuss now. The night sky, the sun, and various atmospheric effects… Continue reading Thought Experiment 2: Societies on a Habitable Moon

Thought Experiment: Habitable Moon Around a Gas Giant

This year I hope to write a few thought experiments, and from these come up with plausible science fiction stories. I’ll start with one I’ve been thinking about for awhile: habitable moons. First off, the orbit of the moon is absolutely critical. It cannot be too close to the gas giant, because of the gravity… Continue reading Thought Experiment: Habitable Moon Around a Gas Giant

Review: Neutrino Hunters

At the turn of the century, physicists grappled with a persistent and quite nefarious problem: beta decay in radioactive materials seemed to be missing energy, as in the experimental results did not match up with theory. This upset the laws of conservation of energy, and left many a physicists concerned as to the laws validity… Continue reading Review: Neutrino Hunters

Review: Time Travel And Warp Drives

As a science fiction writer, I find examining science’s current stance on futuristic ideas, such as time travel, warp drives, and other possible technological advances to be fascinating and insightful. This book by Allen Everett and Thomas Roman takes the reader on an incredibly thorough examination of the science of time travel, the paradoxes of… Continue reading Review: Time Travel And Warp Drives

The Year of 2014

And so a new year begins. Interestingly enough, there really is no significance as to this date starting the new year, other than historical references. Astronomically, this date doesn’t signify anything; the winter solstice is slightly more significant astronomically, since it signifies when the days start to lengthen again rather than shorten. This is all… Continue reading The Year of 2014

Writing about the Near Future

Writing about the near future can be a challenge, especially when writing short stories. When I set out to write a short story today, one I had planned the night before, and then dreamed about as I slept, I realized that I had to think about how technology might differ from today a good sixty… Continue reading Writing about the Near Future

Paper Mache Project Completed

Here is the final pictures of the paper mache project: I apologize for the fuzzy aspect to the pictures. They were taken with my phone camera. Also, I tilted the globe so you can see the north and south poles more clearly:   I am looking down at the globe toward the northern hemisphere and… Continue reading Paper Mache Project Completed

Paper Mache Planet Update!

Finally! I have succeeded in determining a way to paint my planet. This is the first batch of paint — it will need at least two if not three coats of acrylic paint – and there is some pieces of continent in the southern hemisphere and three islands in the northern hemisphere that have yet… Continue reading Paper Mache Planet Update!

The Science of Aliens Part One

I have been reading the Science of Aliens  by Clifford Pickover, which has been incredibly fascinating. It included a lot of pictures to help supplement the discussion.  Since I have my world-building series about creating worlds for your stories, this seemed to be a good supplement to that series.  Now we need aliens to populate the… Continue reading The Science of Aliens Part One