3 comments on “Paper Mache Planet Update!

  1. Perfectly round, Earth-y (I would hope so), rivers big enough to see from space–I likes it! Love the way you captured the clouds over the ocean–my favorite part, beautiful! 😀


    • Thank you greatly! It was quite fun to make.

      To be honest, our planet isn’t perfectly round (more of an oblate spheroid with a bulge at the equator), but I really had nothing to use as a base that was that shape. It was either sphere or flattened oval, and the sphere is closer to the shape than a flattened oval.

      I think when I try this project again, I may use clay to cover the Styrofoam base instead of paper mache. Easier to paint (clay is more porous) and the self-hardening clay will work nicely for this. I also may do a series of planets from my SF stories. Maybe some moons too. We’ll see!


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