National Poetry Month: Rhymed Tercet

My second poem for National Poetry Month is a Rhymed Tercet. The title of the Fractal is the Echoes of Spacetime. Creation by A. A. Zingler Blazing hot inferno explodes into life in its superheated soup of particles the spark of inflation rapidly spikes. Dust coalesced by gravity’s attraction form the weave of all galaxies’… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Rhymed Tercet

News from Pluto!

The New Horizons spacecraft has reached pluto and is sending back data! Here are some articles that highlight some of the more interesting photos to be released as of today (7/15/2015): NASA: Missions Operator Manager (MOM): Neil Degrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert: Bad Astronomer: This is pretty exciting news… Continue reading News from Pluto!

Tops posts for the week

It’s interesting to look and see the top posts for this past week. I’ve had a lot of people exploring my World-building posts, which is good. The template I created has also gotten a lot of interest, and I’m hoping I’ll get feedback on it soon so I can find ways to improve it. It’s… Continue reading Tops posts for the week

To stand on an alien world

Our eyes can’t see Infrared light, so a world that thrives on IR might look like the above picture to us. Though the color of the sky might be a different color than this picture shows. Our Moon What is it like to stand on a world that is not Earth? For those that have… Continue reading To stand on an alien world

Book Review: Grass by Sheri Tepper

Grass by Sheri Tepper is a fascinating science fiction book. Here is the blurb on the back of the book: Here is a novel as original as the breathtaking, unspoiled world for which it is named, a place where all appears to be in idyllic balance. Generations ago, humans fled to the cosmic anomaly known… Continue reading Book Review: Grass by Sheri Tepper

How I craft a language Part 2: Phonetics and Phonology

You can read the first part of this series here. This is a continuation of that first post. I’ve made some concept drawings of my Dragios species, but as I’m not the best at drawing, this is mostly sketches with only the head done in any sort of detailed fashion. Here’s one of the design… Continue reading How I craft a language Part 2: Phonetics and Phonology

Review: The Book of Barely Imagined Beings

The Book of Barely Imagined Beings by Caspar Henderson I picked it up out of curiosity. It just sat on the new book shelf at the library; the front cover a mix of bizarre creatures, many in the form of letters. This book takes the idea of a medieval bestiary — all those lovely imagined… Continue reading Review: The Book of Barely Imagined Beings

World building template for all your Planet’s needs

In my worldbuilding series, I explained the physics of worldbuilding and how to create your own solar system. Today let’s examine an example of this process. To aid with this, I’ll show the spreadsheet I use in order to help me calculate the parameters of my planet and it’s sun. Revision 3: Star Systems Template… Continue reading World building template for all your Planet’s needs

The Uncertain Universe: How Science Discovers its Truths

Science explores the universe, and one of it’s main tenants isn’t to explain everything exactly. No, it’s to try to validate explanations (and ideas) through experiments, or to put in other words: any idea someone has devised to explain an event in our universe, that idea must be validated through experiment in order for it… Continue reading The Uncertain Universe: How Science Discovers its Truths

Space stations

The International space station, a testament to humanity’s ingenuity, orbits at 7.66 kilometers a second, taking it ninety minutes to completely circle the earth. The higher you go above the Earth, the less pull you feel from Earth’s gravity, but even for the space station, it still experiences nearly ninety percent of Earth’s gravity —… Continue reading Space stations