Thoughts on Gun Control and America’s Gun Violence Problem

Guns were invented for killing, and yet they are barely regulated at all in some states. Human lives should matter more than guns, and the science of gun control shows that it works in stemming gun violence. We are literally the only ‘developed’ country in the world who has this problem.   This is a… Continue reading Thoughts on Gun Control and America’s Gun Violence Problem

2018: Dawn of a New Year

2017 has been a time of recovery for me. Most of it I spent sick or healing from trauma. Politics have made life a living hell in my current country, especially due to terrible policies that harm oppressed/marginalized groups to a large degree. This hasn’t really helped my health at all, but at least I… Continue reading 2018: Dawn of a New Year

Important Truths We Must Face

I am a pacifist at heart. However, not all ideologies and opinions are equal and okay to freely express, and sometimes one must take a stand even if it means risking it all to fight against hateful ideologies such as neo-Nazism and white supremacy. I’d like to hope we can defeat such destructive ideologies, bills/laws,… Continue reading Important Truths We Must Face

Approaches to Discussion

This idea for a post has been haunting me for some time, but it’s taken me quite awhile to bring it together coherently enough to compose my ideas on paper. So, after all this thinking, researching, and meditating, I’m going to complete this and release it into the wilds of the Internet. I hope it… Continue reading Approaches to Discussion

I am still Alive

I still have hopes for this blog, and I hope to rekindle it with more poetry and world-building and writing articles. But I still am recovering from painful events of late. Sitting in my drafts is a review of the movie Arrival, which I hope to one day finish, when I feel well enough to… Continue reading I am still Alive

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is my birthday, and this year it falls on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today our media portrays him as a Civil Rights Activist, who led the movement for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We are taught about his non-violence campaigns for equality, but we were not taught about how he critiqued Capitalism.… Continue reading Martin Luther King Jr. Day

News from Pluto!

The New Horizons spacecraft has reached pluto and is sending back data! Here are some articles that highlight some of the more interesting photos to be released as of today (7/15/2015): NASA: Missions Operator Manager (MOM): Neil Degrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert: Bad Astronomer: This is pretty exciting news… Continue reading News from Pluto!


The box is a deep maroon, the texture somewhat akin to cardboard but stronger and thinner. Inside lays a wealth of memories, not forgotten, but held in the confines of four walls, protected from the elements and from my own grief. It is unknown exactly when I received this box in the mail, but it… Continue reading Encapsulated