National Poetry Month: Day 5

The prompt for today was posted on Legendfire by Tisiphone’s Downfall: “Write a poem in any style, any length, using blank verse. This is simply unrhymed verse, especially unrhymed iambic pentameter. Each line will have around 5 (pentameter) iambs (one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed, such as in “ago”).” Untitled Dear Self, I built… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Day 5

National Poetry Month: Starting late

It’s National Poetry Month and I’m starting a bit late to this bandwagon. I decided to try to post a short poem daily. Since I missed two days, I’ll just start today, and maybe try to make up those two days later this month by posting more than one poem. I’ll also examine various forms… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Starting late

A Quest

Planning a quest for me. It starts here, at this desk, where my fingers tap keys. A quest unlike most games, where you seek a person, an item, a theme. No, my quest is myself. First, I’ll dismantle me. Rearrange and step back, to see it all — good or bad, murky or clear. Those… Continue reading A Quest

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Throes of Agony: Free Verse Poem

Throes of Agony A tear drop gathers on the tip of your nose. Take a step back, a balancing act on the tightrope, the crowd pulsing with a negative energy, jeering, cat-calling, throwing trinkets, half-eaten pickles and popcorn at your precariously balanced body. One down. Life gathers you in a close embrace, then rips your… Continue reading Throes of Agony: Free Verse Poem