Thought Experiment 2: Societies on a Habitable Moon

I discussed the science behind a Habitable Moon here: Thought Experiment Habitable Moon Around a Gas Giant, and you can go ahead and read that to understand the science of this thought experiment and to bring you up to speed on what I will discuss now. The night sky, the sun, and various atmospheric effects… Continue reading Thought Experiment 2: Societies on a Habitable Moon

Elivera Cultural Studies 1

I’ve been working on another project, where I record songs from my Elivera Universe. Below is the start of this series. Enjoy! Elivera Cultural Studies This current study concerns the Eagrok people of the continent of Vera. In the temperate regions of the continent, the trees are nearly a kilometer high and several kilometers at… Continue reading Elivera Cultural Studies 1

Technology in Ancient Times

Often when people consider ancient civilizations, they picture societies with little to no technology, but recent studies and archeological discoveries show that this is far from the truth. One of the most famous ancient devices was recently discovered by the island of Antikythera by Greece. Known as the Antikythera device, it is a fascinating glimpse… Continue reading Technology in Ancient Times