5 comments on “Dusty Old Journals

  1. I love viewing your story through the lens of your writing, knowing how vital writing is to you and the place it has in your life. I admire your bravery in sharing these honest recollections and am so glad you are doing this! You are a treasure, my friend, and your voice is valuable.


  2. I still say and will always believe that God loves you as you are. Your family loves you too. Siblings and parents (all 10 of us) do not always understand each other. Yet we are always family and there is love.


  3. I always used my journals to express feelings and thoughts I did not want to express eleswhere. We learn and grow through this: those of us who have a need (even a necessity) to journal. By the way, Amber, my journals were always kept private. I started mine when I was 15, but no longer have the earlier ones. I remember encouraging you in your journal writing.


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