6 comments on “Not Breaking Viewpoint

  1. I have an advantage in that my novel is narrated by an alien, who’s composing the narrative for the benefit of both aliens and humans, so he frequently makes asides to explain things to both.

    The advantage is lost in terms of POV, since having one character explain what all the other characters are thinking is cool, but terribly challenging.


    • I just noticed this comment! Sorry for the long wait in reply.

      That is one way to handle it, and that does sound challenging. And also very interesting.

      I used to write in first person only, but lately have been exploring limited third and then having a selection of characters, where each chapter is from one of their perspectives. (I then stay in their perspective for the entire chapter.) This allows me to examine the same event from multiple perspectives, thus giving the reader a chance to see the nuances in perception as well as glimpse a bit more of the world since each character notices slightly different things. (Although there is some overlap.)

      Not sure if that’s the best way to do it either, but it’s fun though.


    • No prob! 🙂

      I always like stories that show different perspectives on events, although sometimes I get weirdly territorial over one character’s perspective if it suddenly shifts to someone else… Playing with POV is definitely a subtle-yet-drastic way to change a story!


    • Very true! Ah ha, it’s interesting because sometimes I do as well, and then I try to read faster through the new POV to get back to the old… only to realize later that the new POV is just as interesting, I was just blind to it at first. Funny how that is.



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