National Poetry Month Day 20

Poetry often takes a personal turn for me. I find it therapeutic, and it digs deep into my consciousness. Overturning words and thoughts that I may not otherwise express, but it never quite comes out the way I hope it would. I always want it to be more than it is. To explore more than it can. To erupt from my fingers into prose so beautiful that it invokes intense emotions in others, but that’s often not how it works.

It’s such an elusive and hard to master form. A plethora of words lay at your disposal when you write, and that is perhaps the hardest part — trying to filter through the immensity of our language to find just the exact words to express your thought.


My arms enclose you —
The thump of your heart
whisper of breath, in sync
with my own.

In your dreams, I stand
as the guardian, the sigil

you are not alone.

fingernails against skin,
laughter caressing our ears,
we stand side by side
our fingers intertwined.

In dreams, I stand
between you and the void–
the howl of the angels,
the claws of demons —
and I rip them away,
clearing the path.

you are not alone.

Words pierce your soul,
the tear that pulsates
with the blood of
broken dreams, shattered hearts —
I reach inside, my fingers grasp the edges
and I sew it together, one stitch at a time.

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