National Poetry Month: Octopoem

This was from a prompt given on Legendfire Writing Forum. Prompt was to write an Octopoem. Directions here.  The fractal I created in Chaotica rather than my usual Apophysis 7.x program. Embers Scorching blue embers Straddles fall leaves Inside a small, thirsty forest Then a screeching sand-storm Sears and ignites the forest’s undergarments It cavorts… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Octopoem

Antenna of Time

My heart skips a beat, Darkness swells and crashes on the shoals of time – I can’t see, I can’t breathe. Spun into a tornado I hurl my spirit onto the crags, the molten decadence of hope– Don’t look for me in the moonlight, Don’t look for me in the daylight. Our feet balance on… Continue reading Antenna of Time

Throes of Agony: Free Verse Poem

Throes of Agony A tear drop gathers on the tip of your nose. Take a step back, a balancing act on the tightrope, the crowd pulsing with a negative energy, jeering, cat-calling, throwing trinkets, half-eaten pickles and popcorn at your precariously balanced body. One down. Life gathers you in a close embrace, then rips your… Continue reading Throes of Agony: Free Verse Poem