8 comments on “Banned Books Week: Annie on My Mind

  1. Ironically, the things that lit my way were Star Trek and Doctor Who, which I was allowed to watch, and which contained no LGBT+ characters. So booyah, banners… Or something. Thank you for this post!


    • You’re welcome! I did love Star Trek and Doctor Who growing up, though I’ve only really ever watched the movies or whatever rerun they’d show late at night on Iowa Public Television. We really had only three channels for much of my childhood. I don’t think we got cable/satellite until I was in high school. And then once I went off to college, I never had cable again. Ha! I think that’s why I clung so tightly to certain books.

      As an after thought, I really wish I had known about Babylon 5 when it first came out in the late 90s, because it had queer characters! Probably would have loved it.


    • We had PBS for Doctor Who and some kind of mail order subscription to Star Trek VHS tapes! I didn’t understand the concept of queerness for a long time, but long before that I’d internalized their messages of acceptance, especially from Trek. It tickles me to no end that Star Trek was parentally sanctioned viewing material but I learned such dastardly things from it. 😉

      I’ve been meaning to watch Babylon 5 for ages, but I didn’t even know there were queer characters! I tend to associate queerness and books like Annie on My Mind (although I never read that specific one) with the late teenage years, so it’s a different mindset for me, but Babylon 5’s always looked cool from the outside…


    • That is awesome. We got all our movies from the library. Oh and a giant armful of books I could barely carry too. Such a book nerd I was… and still am.

      Definitely watch Babylon 5 when you have the chance! It has one of the best writing I’ve ever seen in a television show. That writer had a backdoor for all the characters, and tied up plot holes extremely well. It’s all tight, succinct, and quite fascinating. I’d say probably one of the best SF out there — though Doctor Who will probably stay as number one in my heart.


  2. Hey! Just stopping by to pin your post and tweet a link to it. I’m doing that today for everyone who joined in Hannah’s blog party this week. Thanks for this post! I’m not familiar with Annie on My Mind, so now I have a new book for my reading list 🙂


    • Thank you greatly! I wrote up something for Speak too for her party. I hope to do one more post before the week is done, but we’ll see.

      Greatly appreciate the pin! Thanks. Yeah, Annie on my Mind is a young adult book, short but great!

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