3 comments on “Resources and Worldbuilding

  1. Great post! It is good to remember that even if you are writing fantasy or science fiction, you still have to ground it in reality, in order for it to be believable. The answer to everything can’t be just, “Because…magic.” 🙂


    • Thanks! And yes, exactly. It always drove me nuts as a reader to find out the answer to a conflict was akin to the whole “because… magic.” I bet there’s a trope name for that too. What got me is that they never seemed to use it again. Why not? What’s stopping them? In those kinds of stories, that question is never addressed. TV shows are notorious for doing this.


  2. Making it look real by grounding it in reality is what makes a story good for me. If the people and situations are believable and especially if the characters are such that I care about what happens to them, makes me want to finish the story. And as anyone who knows me, I am an avid reader.



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