2 comments on “How Society Views Women Influences People

  1. I skimmed through most of the articles. As I look back over my 69 years of life, I can recall maybe a few incidents when I was treated like an object. catcalls from a car when I was walking in DSM at age 21; an attempted rape by a mentally disturbed young man when I was 20 (I talked him out of it by telling the truth; I was having my period); a guy in college who grabbed me and threw me to the ground and pinned me with his body insisting I was some woman he knew, obviously not well, – this happened in broad daylight and his buddy told him to let me go; a first blind date with a guy who thought he had the right to bat my rear as we were walking across a parking lot (needless to say I never dated him again); the fact that I always wore a shapeless trench coat when I lived in Chicago and had to travel the public transit late at night after visiting my sister (I considered that to be good common sense and was never accosted.) There are minority of men whose attitudes toward women are, for whatever reason, distorted at the least and beastly at the worst. I suppose there are women like that too. Although it is true that women are (usually, I suppose I must qualify) able to control their anger and hostility and not kill. Yes, there is the men-go-war factor; and the men and women stereotypes that play havoc with individuals’ (both male and female) self esteem. A person should always speak out against murder;rage; computer sites that encourage these attitudes; pornography sites that encourage exploitation of both men, women, children; teachings that encourage and abet these attitudes. The fact that the first people this man killed were his two male roommates does not mitigate his anti-female attitude. May God have mercy on the souls of such poor examples of manhood and may society, and ourselves as part of society, help teach them the truth and heal their minds.


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