3 comments on “Characters with Disabilities

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. All of my kids ( except Aurora, of course) could read well and early. However, your cousin Jon had great difficulties in reading. He was over age 12 before testers realized that he cannot see some consonants. For him those 4 or 5 consonants are not there. I cannot recall what consonants those were. Your Aunt had to fight with teachers to get him help before he was diagnosed. Also a brother -inlaw had this reading disability. As he was older then me, he never received help and never learned to read. After the age of 35 or 40 he became a long distance truck driver. Somehow he learned to read signs and do reports (or perhaps some one helped him with the reports). Some friends of ours had a son with the disability. They got him special help; he was graduated from college.

    I think your information is great. The idea of including people with disabilities in a story and using the real facts, and positive outlooks is great. I read a story about a high achieving Down syndrome child that was very good and realistic and positive. There have been a few on autiusm or Augberger’s syndrome; the Monk detective show was a good one about obsessive-compulsiveness. I have yet to read a short story or novel that included the disability schzoid personality in any kind of a positive fashion.

    These disabilities are a part of our society and should not be ignored in stories.


  2. One last thought: The person with the disability is not the disability. The disability is something they have, not something they are.


    • Yes, exactly! That’s been my main critique of most literature that include someone with a disability – and why I kept phrasing it as someone with a disability – because it’s not all that they are, it’s just something they have. Thank you for your thoughts!



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